Policy & Disclosure

Many books discussed on this blog in reviews or other posts were sent to me for free from the publisher or author in return for my honest opinion.

My Review Policy for Publishers and Authors

-I prefer physical ARCs and finished copies of books, but I will accept e-books.

-I review mainly Young Adult fiction books and any genre within that category. I will occasionally review New Adult fiction as well.

-I can often do a video review on my YouTube channel along with, or instead of, a written review on my blog.

-My reviews include a summary of the book (usually from Goodreads), a picture of the cover, publisher and publication date, from where I received the book, and my opinion of the book along with a star rating out of 5. My reviews are my honest opinion, so I cannot guarantee a positive review of the book.

-I am currently a full-time graduate student, so my reading time is limited. I cannot guarantee that I will post a review soon after receiving a book. It is my intention to review books in a timely manner, but that does not always work out.

-I will also consider hosting giveaways, author interviews, and other book-related content.

-Disclaimer: I will not accept all requests even if they fit into these parameters. It depends how busy I am with school and other review books. I think it is only fair to accept review books that interest me and that I truly intend to read and review.

If you would like to contact me with any requests, e-mail me at: travelingthroughpages@gmail.com

Ad disclosure on this website:

If you click on any of the ads featured on this website, I do get a commission through AdSense.
I am a Book Depository Affiliate, therefore I make a commission specifically from the Book Depository ad and any Book Depository links within posts.
I am an Amazon affiliate. I will make a commission if anything is purchased through Amazon links in blog posts.

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