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My Review Policy for Publishers and Authors

-I prefer physical ARCs and finished copies of books, but I will accept e-books.

-I review mainly Young Adult fiction books and any genre within that category. I will occasionally review New Adult fiction as well.

-I can often do a video review on my YouTube channel along with a written review on my blog.

-My reviews include a summary of the book (usually from Goodreads), a picture of the cover, publisher and publication date, from where I received the book, and my opinion of the book along with a star rating out of 5. My reviews are my honest opinion, so I cannot guarantee a positive review of the book.

-I am currently a full-time graduate student, so my reading time is limited. I cannot guarantee that I will post a review soon after receiving a book. It is my intention to review books in a timely manner, but that does not always work out.

-I will also consider hosting giveaways, author interviews, and other book-related content.

-Disclaimer: I will not accept all requests even if they fit into these parameters. It depends how busy I am with school and other review books. I think it is only fair to accept review books that interest me and that I truly intend to read and review.

If you would like to contact me with any requests, e-mail me at: travelingthroughpages@gmail.com

Ad disclosure on this website:

If you click on any of the ads featured on this website, I do get a small commission through AdSense. I am a Book Depository Affiliate, therefore I make a commission specifically from the Book Depository ad as well.

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