September 10, 2015

Petty Little Lives by Alice Reeds + Giveaway!

Publication: August 18, 2015 by Limitless Publishing

Source: Paperback copy provided by author and publisher for review, thank you!

The only thing cousins Sapphire Hope and Roxanna Revolution have in common is they don’t want to spend the summer at their aunt’s Iowa farm.
Hope is an entitled L.A. rich-girl…
Spoiled by her Oscar-winning mother and a CEO father, Hope thrives on the lifestyle of a jet-setting socialite and aspiring model. She has no interest in rural life, or the strange cousin who seems to want to be her friend. About the only thing even remotely interesting about the farm is the good-looking intern at her aunt’s veterinary clinic, Dawn Matthews. He might do as a summer distraction.

Roxanna is a sensitive loner…
She spends her time playing guitar and posting videos for her YouTube subscribers, but at least at her aunt’s, nobody knows what she’s hiding. Since her secret drove her boyfriend away, she could use a few friends, but Sapphire clearly isn’t interested—and even less so when Dawn prefers Roxanna’s company over hers.

When Roxanna’s secret comes out, Sapphire, Roxanna, and their friends are forced to view their lives from a new perspective and face choices they never thought they’d have to make.

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This is a surprising and relatable read!

I really enjoyed the characters in this story, especially one of the main characters, Roxanna. I could relate to parts of her personality. She is a YouTuber, she makes videos about music and books, so that was a fun addition to the story. Sapphire takes some warming up to. She is a real jerk in the beginning, but she goes through so much development. By the end, I definitely liked her and I enjoyed seeing her and her relationships grow and change. With that said, I did think she changed a little too quickly, but it turned out alright. The main characters and side characters are very fleshed out and believable. It was nice getting to know them and seeing their story unfold.

The plot drags some in the beginning. The characters and situation are being introduced and it is a little slow going and didn't totally keep my interest. However, after about 100 pages or so, the pace picks up and things definitely get interesting.
The writing is hit and miss for me. The beginning felt a little choppy, but it does smooth out towards the middle and end where the book hits its stride. There are typos and grammatical errors, which bothered me. I believe the author's first language may not be English, so I understand why there would be errors. However, I think more editing could fix the problem. I'm usually okay with a few errors, but it got to be somewhat annoying.

I, overall, had an enjoyable and fun time reading this book. There is some romance, which took me by surprise. I also appreciate the different layers and emotional depth to the story. It takes a turn I wasn't expecting, and by the end, I was definitely attached to these characters.



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*Thank you to Alice Reeds and Limitless Publishing for providing a copy for me to read and review along with a giveaway copy.*

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