March 30, 2015

This Love by Samantha Victoria

Series: This Love #1

Publication: February 5, 2015 by Samantha Victoria

Source: Paperback copy provided by author. Thank you!

Goodreads Summary:
A series of unfortunate events brings Cheyenne Reid to the small town of Nottinghill...and into the same apartment as the town's delicious bad-boy, Joss Nixon.

Cheyenne is desperate to start a new life, build a better life than what she had, and Joss is the number one threat to destroy her attempt at a fresh start.

From the tattoos to the drinking, to the endless line of one night stands and illegal car racing, Joss is everything that Cheyenne is trying to break away from. But, there is no use for her indifference. Joss is intrigued by her cold resistance, and soon he begins to realize that he may have just finally met his match.
This love is good, this love is bad...this love will change them forever.

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This is an entertaining and quick New Adult read.
The characters are my favorite aspect. They have good development and something about them stuck with me. I enjoyed the interactions and building romance between Cheyenne and Joss. I truly liked both of them, especially Cheyenne, and I was rooting for them. Cheyenne is a badass female character and that made for an interesting dynamic between her and Joss. I also like Cheyenne's best friend, who she ends up living with, and that their friendship was included and also a big part of the story. The characters felt real to me, and I found myself thinking about them even after I finished the book.

I enjoyed the drama and plot, it is an addictive read and I had a hard time putting it down.
However, it isn't the most original storyline. There are unique things about it, but overall it felt predictable and similar to stories I've read before. There are some cheesy parts that made me roll my eyes, as well as some things that frustrated me. To me, there is some slut-shaming, which usually doesn't stick out to me, but it irked me a bit with this book. Also, Cheyenne is a virgin, which is fine, but the way she handled the topic felt out of character and immature, which bothered me. Therefore, I couldn't give it a higher rating.

Aside from those things, I really did like the story. It was fun reading it and I am looking forward to the sequel. Some plot lines were introduced in this book but not fully tied up, so I'm interested to see where it goes.
I would recommend if it sounds interesting to you. It reminded me a bit of Jamie McGuire's books, so fans of hers might want to check this one out!

*Warning: this book does contain explicit content*

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